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Why I Should Be The One Who Strikes Up A Conversation

As an intern in a public relations agency, I am often assigned to handle media registration at events. I greet every journalist, ask them to sign in the attendance list, give them goodie bags, and answer their questions. Sounds quite easy, right? Then, I notice that the consultant on duty is talking so casually with journalists as they are good friends. She also talks to the VIP guests oh so casually it amazes me and makes me wonder, “How does she do that?”
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Hello Bogor, #DoYouVespa?

Good news for citizens of Bogor! At the end of last March, our new family members (read: client), Piaggio Indonesia (PID) who acts as Principal and Sole Agent (ATPM) of the iconic Vespa and Piaggio scooters, inaugurated its official dealer in Bogor, West Java, as it continues to expand its market in Indonesia. The dealer opening aims to fulfill its commitment to bring iconic Vespa and Piaggio scooters closer to potential customers in Indonesia, including in Bogor.
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Working with The Phenomenal Mi, Who is with Me?

Working with The Phenomenal Mi, Who is with Me? Last week (01/04), on April Fools’ Day (I am not saying this is relevant), the day known as the day to play practical jokes and and spread hoaxes, Xiaomi (Mi) launched its latest devices in Indonesia. With obviously no fake stories involved, Redmi 2 and Mi Pad officially is now available in the Indonesian market. This launch was somewhat special for everyone R
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