HAPPY NEW YEAR and have a great year (gone by, I guess)

Happy New Year!!! Okay. I’m a month behind with this so let me give it another try.


Happy Chinese New Year!!!  May this year bring you prosperity, good luck and good fortune!!


Whichever new year you celebrate, be it the Gregorian New Year or the Chinese New Year, New Year’s Day goes hand in hand with new resolutions to be better and greater. It is a perfect time to pause, remember and reflect what we have been through and done for the past year.


Most people start a new year reflecting on past events/actions and creating new resolutions to make up for wrongdoings during the past year and/or give themselves a boost. The year 2017 also marks my fourth year in Praxis and my first in (almost) four years to follow the trend by starting this year with being reflective.


For the past four years in Praxis, I have learned how to deal with different clients, meeting deadlines, creating stories, and getting the stories told. At Praxis we (meaning I) are always busy with ourselves and work and life and all the things in between we often forget to see the big picture. And, boy, it sure feels good to be able to see the bigger picture now.


After juggling work and personal life all year long, I have come to realize that I (and most of us at Praxis) have lost and gained new clients, made new friends, met different people and heard many stories. It has helped create a new us, widen our horizon, and change how we think (only for the good, I hope) and know ourselves better. I almost forget how enjoyable it is to take a pause, have a look around, and realize how much we have grown and how far we have gone.


In the interest of our own good and of creating more objective and appreciative resolutions for in 2017, let’s be grateful and thankful. Let’s cherish our past accomplishments (not necessarily on a yearly basis) and embrace a new day (and month and year) ahead!

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