Be Your Own PR Person First!

Public relations may still be an unfamiliar concept for the layman. Every time we say we work in PR we end up explaining how PR works and why PR is good for every company.

However, some of us are not aware that as PR professionals, our activities are the embodiment of our profession. Unwittingly, we seek to be PR persons for ourselves and engage in activities that could improve our reputation and image. In fact, as PR practitioners we are expected to be PR persons for ourselves first before our company.

Until now, I’m still trying to practice being a PR person for myself. Can you guess what PR activities I have done for myself?

  • Control myself

As a PR practitioner, I learn how to control myself in many areas. Learn how to manage time in doing my work and control myself to keep my teamwork solid.

I am still learning and I’m fully aware of my strength and weaknesses so I will focus more on learning. Sometimes, if you think yourself remiss, look at other people and tell yourself “I must do better today!” and it will give you the power to rise to any occasion.

  • Manage your social media account

Part of my responsibility is to control clients’ social media accounts. I used to ask myself, “I could manage clients’ social media accounts, why couldn’t I manage mine?” Now, I always take the time to manage my social media account and make it useful for people who follow me.

Managing your social media account does not mean trying to keep up your appearances and not being yourself. Managing your social media account means you must know what social media is for and why you have a social media account.

  • Build good relations

Actually, I am an introverted woman. I have difficulty starting a conversation with people I’ve just met and take a long time to mingle with those around me. However, I never show my weakness and try to put on a brave face. “If other people can do this, why can’t I?”

Building good relations should not be limited to your own company but should also include people outside your company circle such as clients, the government, the media and journalists, the community and other companies that may have the opportunity to collaborate with us.

           It may look like I take these things too seriously, but I am just happy to have an opportunity to share my struggle in my journey in public relations.

The opportunity is now, not tomorrow, so do not miss it!

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