What is Public Relations?

Some people may wonder what public relations is all about. From the way people reacted when I told them that I was going to major in public relations, I knew that they were confused, thinking it was a field related to communication, just like journalism or advertising. They also thought that public relations professionals were just a bunch of marketing people and salesmen who offered new products. Many did not hesitate to tell me that they had no idea about what public relations actually did. Now, before we continue any further, think about this: what do you think people in public relations do?

We work with people


These are the key points in public relations. There are still many things that we, as public relations professionals, are responsible for. We are able to influence our key audience and position ourselves as leaders. We are able to create a new appearance of a brand that is more suitable to the community. We are also able to advertise a product that is aligned with its target audience. We create a strategy that fits the market and the product better. We do more than advertise because we influence people. We do not follow trends, we create them. We are not dreamers because we turn our dreams into reality. “It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen.”

Now, with this in mind, can you tell what we, public relations professionals, really do?

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