(Bucket List) Meeting Potus44: Checked

Have you ever imagined meeting your idol in person? It must be exciting, right?

Well, I have met my idol, POTUS44. Yes, you heard it right. I MET BARACK OBAMA.

Following the end of his term as US president, he embarked on a series of overseas trips including to Indonesia, where he spent a brief period living in Jakarta with his mother, an anthropologist, and his Indonesian stepfather and half-sister. He was six at the time.

He came to Indonesia with his lovely wife, Michele Obama, and his two daughters, Malia and Sasha, on a vacation. He visited historical places in Yogyakarta and met our president, Joko Widodo, in Bogor. As part of his itinerary, he delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of The Fourth Congress of Indonesian Diasporas in Jakarta on July 1. It was his first speech in Asia after completing his White House term.

In his speech, Obama highlighted democracy, leadership, human rights, and tolerance. He said that if you have strong belief about your religion, you will not worry about other people’s religion. That's absolutely true! He also said that peace will happen when everyone feels that they have a voice. And democracy may not be perfect, but it is the best possible way to make everyone feels that they have a voice.

OMG, I adore him.

"We gotta have tolerance for everyone regardless what they look like, whatever they worship and whoever they choose to love." -Barack Obama, July 1.








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