4 apps and/or websites essential for PR practitioners

Have you ever felt like you don’t have enough time to do all your work even though you have 24 hours a day? Or, have you ever considered hiring a personal assistant to remind you of all work-related things but don’t have the budget for it?

It sometimes happens to me as a PR practitioner, such as when I have a bunch of documents to develop and review and cannot decide which one to do first (because all of them are urgent and important). I feel like I need 25 or more hours per day to do all those stuff.

Fortunately, we live in the digital era, with technology, the Internet and gadgets performing most of our tasks. There are many apps and/or websites that can help us perform nearly every task, including our tasks as PR practitioners.

Following are 4 apps and/or websites that are essential for PR practitioners (I also use these apps to help me organize my work):

1.    Basecamp

Basecamp for our WIP (Weekly in Progress) meeting!

Yup, every week, we have a regular meeting called WIP, where we can share everything (including update) from each client. You may ask what Basecamp has to do with Praxis’ WIP.

Here’s the answer! Basecamp is a project management tool that can help you to organize your work. Basecamp could be your e-personal assistant, it can remind you of all the things in your to-do list, when you have to do the list or assign it to your co-worker.

Basecamp makes you life at work easier!

2.    Dropbox

When you don’t have any space left to save you work in your laptop, don’t worry, you can save it in “the cloud”!

Dropbox is a cloud storage provider or online backup service that is frequently used as a file-sharing service. Dropbox can serve as your online server; you can store all your files and documents there, and you can access them even when you are away from the office. Cool ha!

3.    Grammarly

As a non-native speaker of English, this app is really helpful. This free grammar checker instantly eliminates grammatical errors and enhances your writing. So, for those who are worried about their grammar, this app could improve your English grammar. This app will let you know any grammatical errors in your documents and give alternatives to correct your mistakes. If you want to install it in your desktop, you should use it on a specific browser like Safari and Google Chrome.

4.    Google Drive

Last year, our team adopted this app/site to help us review and save documents online. Similar to Dropbox, you can share any documents (in any format) with your peers. The app enables you to review your peers’ documents online. You will know who has edited the copies. However, to work online with Google Drive, you have to have a strong and stable Internet connection. Otherwise, you will be frustrated. Trust me!

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