Jr. NBA Indonesia is Back!

Jr. NBA Indonesia is Back!

Written by: Ferdyana Lie

Hi All! Do you still remember me? I’m Dyan, the intern, you can read my past storyhere.

Well, I used to be an intern, but now, I’m an official Account Coordinator at Praxis (Yay!)

This time, I want to share my story with Jr. NBA, one of the clients that I currently handle. Just to give a quick background, Jr. NBA is NBA’s global youth development program that promotes basketball participation and an active lifestyle among children. This time, Jr. NBA Indonesia program returns for a second consecutive year, and Praxis is once again trusted to handle its PR activities.

I think the NBA is a very interesting client. Last year, I had the chance to meet the NBA Legends, Horace Grant and A.C Green, when they came to the National Training Camp (Whoa!) back in August. It’s just great to see how these two legends interacted with the kids, parents, and members of the media.

This year, Jr. NBA Indonesia presented by Frisian Flag tips off with coaches clinic on Saturday (28/3) and open clinic on Sunday (29/3). It was a busy-fun kind of weekend! We met Jr. NBA Indonesia 2014 All-Stars and heard stories about their NBA Experience, where they travelled to Beijing to watch an NBA game (Sacramento Kings vs Brooklyn Nets), went to former NBA star Yao Ming’s basketball school, and played exhibition games against Jr. NBA All-Stars from The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

We also spotted Jamie Aditya, MTV VJ in the 90s, also a singer, host, and actor,Mario Lawalata, a model, host, and actor, and Yosi Mokalu, the member of Project Pop, who also brought their kids along to the open clinic!

It’s very heart-warming to see more than 1000 kids played basketball under the sunlight instead of playing with their gadget, to see that kids are being taught about S.T.A.R. (Sportsmanship, Teamwork, a Positive Attitude, and Respect) value.

I hope these photos can show you the excitement of the event:

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