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This is the time of the year when I usually look back to what Praxis has contributed over the last year. Overall, it was a busy and exciting year. Although we did plenty of activities for our retainer clients that were carried over from 2013, I am going to dedicate this particular post to talk about some of our new clients in 2014.

Over the course of 2014, we were trusted by the NBA, Xiaomi, and Reed Panorama to assist them with their public relations activities. Three unique brands. Three different industries. Three distinct objectives. One common ground. All three of our these new clients were actually looking for a partner to help usher the arrival of their respective international brands for the very first time in Indonesia.

Anyhow, let’s take a look at what we have done so far for all three clients.

1. Jr. NBA Indonesia: Nurturing S.T.A.R to children

Jr. NBA Indonesia

The long awaited Chinese tech brand is finally here. We helped launch Xiaomi in August. Yes, it was a great success. We even had competing brand contacted us to inquire about the possibility of us helping their PR initiatives.

I don’t think I need to explain the great technology and the great value part, get a Xiaomi device and make your own review. What interesting about Xiaomi is that it is a company that centered its communication initiatives through PR, social media, and communities. They excel.

3. Indonesia Toy, Game & Comic Convention: High end and Anisome!

  Praxis- ITGCC

As a fan of toys and games, and most definitely comics, this is a high end event for myself. Where else in Indonesia would there be a notable Marvel talent scout CB Cebulski went looking for prospective Indonesian artists to join the Marvel team? A close up with Vampy Bit Me? Only here at the Indonesia Toy, Game and Comic Convention (ITGCC).

Well, Reed Panorama brought in the very first ITGCC. The group is well known for its New York Comi Con, Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, Pax Prime, Pax East, Singapore Toy Game Comic Convention, and many more.

It was a year of excitement!

At the end of the day, off course, it is not all about managing new clients. Its more about managing good teams to help clients deliver their communications objective. Praxis currently has a strong, committed and enthusiastic team able to take on new challenge. Proven.

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