Spread the YIPPEE Beyond Your Bread

According to the internet (yeah, because you can’t really believe things you read on the internet), Confucius said that: “Find a job you love and you will never work again for the rest of your life.”
Sorry Confucius (or not), I have to strongly disagree with you.

Find a job you love...
Nowadays, people tend to romanticize the word “passion,” as if it’s something you born with, as if it’s something you wish to be since you were born. People tend to forget that they wished to be a doctor at least once in kindergarten, or perhaps beggar, after seeing that beggars get money without doing anything. (obviously NOT speaking from experience!)

But you don’t want to be a beggar now, no?

Let me tell you a story about my short journey of finding a passion, finding “the love of my life.”

I didn’t like communication studies, nor Public Relations studies, at first. I gave an extra effort to study only because I wanted to graduate as soon as possible. So there I was, a fresh graduate with minimal experience and knowledge. People like me (or to be exact, how I used to be), didn’t have that much of privilege of choosing a job I love.

Sometimes, the most important part is to find a job first.

...and you will never work again for the rest of your life.

I joined Praxis in that time of year when most of the clients were already locked-down for the year. There was nothing much for me to do since my predecessors could do almost every client-related tasks better than me with only half the time for me to do it.

There’s time when you have to swallow all the agony and boredom, just for the sake of bigger things and responsibility to go your way. So I did. 

As Rihanna said, “we found love in a hopeless place,” (I find it funny to affirm Rihanna rather than Confucius, though), I found love in Public Relations.

Honestly, I didn’t know which were more interesting: people at Praxis, or the work itself. I grow attached to my work, find pride whenever a piece of my writing got to the media with minor editing, find joy whenever a client or my supervisor say “thanks” or “good job.” I found my passion, and I’m so glad to have a job I love.

Sorry again Confucius (or not), a journey of finding a job you love might not be a lovely one. Even though it turned out lovely, there were still responsibilities to hold on and expectations to be met. Never work again for the rest of your life? I call that a bunch of lies.

Eventually, my time to shine came when I got a chance to develop few proposals with a help from my fellow Account Coordinators, hoping to gain a client from square one, so I could learn how it l felt like to obtain a totally new client while everyone’s standing at the same starting point as I am. 

One of them is SKIPPY® Peanut Butter. When I heard the word that our proposal will soon-to-be reality, I feel like a part of me jumped with joy that I have to write a song just for the sake of it.

Hey, the name’s Viki
I joined Praxis recently
It’s a PR consultancy
Which handled Citi
And also Xiaomi
Don’t forget Bulir Padi
And all others far from itty-bitty
Then comes along SKIPPY
And I say “YIPPEEEE!”
-My Attempt to Rap

Now, it's official! Let us all give a warm welcome to Skippy, our newest child (read: client)! Who haven’t heard about Skippy? The brand has been around since 1933, so you could say that Skippy is a legendary pheNUTmenon. Pardon the pun.

Did you know that this could be one of the most fun client ever? Let me give you a glimpse on the guideline:

“Skippy is the fun peanut butter.”
“Skippy looks at the world with joy, curiosity, and amusement.”
“Skippy is never afraid to look silly.”
“Skippy is casual, optimistic, and spontaneous.”

You see, everything we create and communicate through Skippy should breathe the word “FUN,” I don’t know about you, but I think fun and positivity often rub on other people. You could say that I contribute in painting the world with peanut butter color.

We’ve prepared something special for you peanut butter lovers. So don’t forget to visit facebook.com/skippyindonesia.id for a peanutty adventure. I will take your hand and show you around myself. Maybe, just maybe... you’ll find love, just like I did.


The One Who’s Spreading You Yippee,
Victoria “Viki” Christa 

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