Laser Tag Battle with Praxis – Plan, Play, Survive, (no need to) Win & be (your own version) Victor!

As Google, the only trusted source of information, says “Get ready to enter a world of adrenaline-pumping, nerve-jangling, heart pounding action. Laser tag game!”


“Tomorrow we will host a media gathering and play laser tag. Will you join us?” asked one Praxisionaire.

A laser tag game with journalists would be “Wow, it will be so fun!” for some people sitting next to me, but not for me. I just sat quietly, wondering to myself “What is laser tag? With journalists? Oh, oh, this is a big NO!” I was wondering, worrying too much.

Okay, let me give you a lil bit logic explanation behind my insecurity when it comes to playing a laser tag game with journalists.  

It would be such an opportunity--and lots of sprinkles of stardust--to work in Public Relations, I thought. My Public Relations-unrelated major in English Literature made me worry (again) about the job I would end up with after I graduated. Some said that “It takes time to be there, to get your dream job,” and here I am, part of Praxis PR after 6 months of waiting following my graduation. My sense of insecurity? Everybody feels insecure when faced with new things, right? There I was, 4 days into being a Praxisionaire and feeling insecure about meeting new people.

Actually, all the Praxis guys gave me a warm welcome as their new Account Coordinator partner, which was way beyond my expectation. All those press releases, clients, media monitoring, mail merge, and media list turned out to be a treasure to be figured out and they heartily helped me. Soon, an empty glass would be filled by interesting work, starting with the laser tag game with journalists. My next thought was “This sounded fun!”, which was why I ended up at Laser Game Kemang, Jakarta.

Of about the 25 journalists who joined the game, Mba Eka, a friendly and amusing journalist from Chip magazine, was the first journalist I met there. We introduced ourselves and she told me about Chip. After about 30 minutes, our chat was disrupted by an announcement saying that the game was about to begin.

The teams were announced. I couldn’t bear it, my heart was beating so hard I feared it would burst at any moment. But I wasn’t called (so sad, yeah, it was so sad!). Teams A and B entered the arena, ready to fight and outdo each other. Fifteen minutes had passed and one of the teams seized victory. And there I was, waiting for the next game to begin. In less than one minute they called me, “Niken, Red team.”

The game began.

In a laser tag game, we can try to stay hidden but we’re bound to be spotted eventually. We have to keep our eyes open and our mind sharp. As we venture off to the backlit maze we have to carefully aim at the opposing team because the light will only show the color of the team. The battle is fast-paced and action-packed, and boom! You are the victor!

At the last moments of the 15-minute game, people managed to shoot other people just when a sound from somewhere inside the room came out to signal the end of the game. All the victors gathered in front of the battle room to check the score of each team. We checked! We waited! And, surprisingly, victory went to the Green team. It looked like the Red team was severely beaten. Nope, kidding! It was all about fun, teamwork, and solidarity of members of the team.

Given my experience in laser tag game (now I’m being arrogant!), I’ll share some of the reasons why you should play the game. Let’s find out more about it!

Laser tag game, extremely fun and absorbing game! The fun and intense feeling it creates will pump your adrenaline during battle.

Laser tag game, shoot people and you will never go to jail after (unless you shoot and hit them with your gun). Playing with a gun and shooting people are not legal but face it! In a laser game, you can shoot whoever you want to.

Laser tag game, safe and mess free. For some people who worry much about safety, mess or pain, this game would be so perfect. Besides we’ll be provided with safety vests.

Laser tag game, fosters bonds and creates unforgettable memories through leadership abilities. This game explains why soldiers in battle often have close bonds and share many cherished memories. 

Laser tag game, trains your mind and makes you look twice as badass. How could you become a badass just by playing this game? Because you are asked to be really smart and have a strategic mind in the backlit war maze and if you win, you’ll be the real badass of all the badass in the game. 


The game had over and all the players gathered to have dinner. Along with the dinner time, some Praxisionaires announced the winning team, most valuable player, and door prize winner. After the awarding section ended, people had their sits back and talked with others. And that was how the amazing night end.

The game was so tense yet so full of fun. It pushed your courage to the very limit and in the middle of it, I was wondering, even though I played as a team, how could I survive alone in battle? And yes, I got the answer already.

“Even if you are in a team, sometimes you have to survive on your own. Just kill your nerves and get ready to enter your own real life battle. Be the victor in your (own version) battle”


Good luck!

A new member of amazing Praxis PR,
Niken Eka Putri

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