Life as Interns at Praxis

Hello guys, we are the Magangers!

Well, maybe some of you are wondering what the hell are Magangers. Let us tell you what they are. Magangers are a bunch of VERY amusing people. Our jobdesk? To lighten up the office atmosphere. Yup, that’s what we do! (At least that’s what we hope we do:”D)

We come from different educational backgrounds. Well, actually only Yusuf has a different one while the rest of us major in public relations. Before we share our experiences as interns at Praxis, let us introduce ourselves.

This is Yusuf Pandi a.k.a Yusuf.

Yusuf is doing a major in advertising at the Jakarta State Polytechnic of Creative Media. He’s very nice, although a lil bit kind of geeky. He’s the only one (compared to the other Magangers) who can do photoshop and other designing stuff. BUT, we warn you to not to be fooled by his appereance! He is totally somplak! (Feel free to Google it!)

The second one is Regata Devana or Rere for short.

She is the most beautiful intern ever!

Nah, we’re just kidding. She may be the most beautiful intern, but not ever. Only on this batch (since we are all boys). Ha ha ha. Sorry for not being sorry, Re. She is currently doing a major in public relations at Binus University. The coolest yet annoying person ever!

Last but not least, Jefferson Caessar, better known as Jeff.

We are actually at a loss at how to describe this creature. He is the dumbest, silliest, the most somplak person there is! The class clown, without him, life would be …. Better! Ha ha ha! Nah, kidding. He’s the one who makes us laugh. He graduated from Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN) with a bachelor’s degree in public relations.

Our adventure at Praxis began in February 2016. At first, we didn’t know what to do and the others didn’t even give us something to do short of briefing us about the clients. So we thought, like “This is so cool, we are a bunch of idle interns”. But, that was only the beginning. As time passed, we had more and more to do. Never knew that life as a consultant would be this tough. But, as the saying goes, something worth having never comes easy, right? If you really want to know about public relations, all you need to do is joint this consulting firm. There are so many things you can learn here, from the most important to the most mundane. We learn how to build good relations with the journalists, how to work under pressure, how to multitask, and so on.

Is being a PR consultant hard work? Only losers would say so. When our body is tired, our mind says “This is how winners are made”. When our mind is tired, our heart says “This is how champions are made”. Because champions train while losers complain.

As interns, we have daily chores: updating media coverage for every PR activities that Praxis has done during our internship period, prepare post-event reports, get media confirmation and, if you are lucky enough, prepare a press release!

For normal people, stupid things may not happen every day, but for us, stupid things are part of our day. Consider these examples:

We were assigned to find out the price of adlibs on Medan radio. So, Rere went looking for the radio’s phone number so Jeff could contact the radio. He kept calling the radio, until…

Jeff: “Hello?”

Radio (with a super cheerful voice): “Hello!! Who’s calling, please?”

Jeff (hesitant and super confused): “I’m Jeff… Could you… Could you please get me to Marketing?”

Radio: Oh!! We are on air, so maybe next time!Bye!!

Jeff (hanging up the phone): ?????


I swear you guys should have seen his face!! Super LOL!!

Mas Algoth was there when that happened.

Mas Algoth: “What’s wrong?”

Jeff: “I was just got aired on Medan radio, Mas. Thank God it’s Medan, so no one knows me!”

That sure got the entire office laughing out loud.

Well, that was one of the many stupid things that we did. We can’t remember every single thing because there are just TOO MANY! Maybe we have one of the most severe cases of terminal stupidity or, maybe, we are just being ourselves. :)

Working here at Praxis gave us a lot of things that cannot be described by words. The happines, the laugh, the stress, the irritating moments, they are all priceless. We hope all Praxis employees will burst out laughing every time they recall things that happened when we were there. We hope that they could still feel our presence at the office even when we have left.

This is not a goodbye, this is a thank you. Thank you for giving us this chance to be a part of Praxisionaire. Thank you for teaching us. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for the memories. We will cherish this forever.

And for those who want to learn about public relations in a fun way, we dare you to join Praxis!


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