I D E A: Deliver, Translate Ideas into Action

In Public Relations, we spend most of our time trying to come up with fresh ideas to polish our clients’ plans. They need to know our contribution as consultants to their plans. The first thing we need to do is to gauge our success in conveying our ideas to others. To ensure a successful delivery of ideas, we need to know some life hacks that enable us to have direct access to the minds of the audience. Here are the things we should do:

- Cultivate your ideas
- Know your audience well
- Share the details
- Simplify the idea; it won’t make it less complex
- Provide reasonable arguments

We may treat our audience as an empty glass to be filled, but they are not not-so-clever as not to recognize your invalid arguments or even your genius ideas. Learn from those who have done it before; genius ideas are just ideas when not put into action.

Let me ask you how many times you have been in a meeting to give insight about something and someone says, “Amazing! That’s a great idea. Next, what’s your plan to make it real?” Seriously, extra efforts are needed to put an idea into real action. Most great ideas are mere words left unrealized. Well, I’m talking about organized plan and preparation because we will only waste our valuable time if it is not managed well.
Here are the things we should do to put ideas into real action:

-    Make your ideas concrete
If you want to make fried chicken sushi with Skippy peanut butter, you need Skippy peanut butter, nori, fried chicken tenders, rice, a spoon, and a plate. It applies to your ideas as well. Prepare all the elements you need to make ideas become real.

-    Decide the main purpose of an idea
You make fried chicken sushi with Skippy peanut butter to satisfy you hunger, right? Or is it just to post it on Instagram? Or do you want to post it then eat it? It’s up to you. The main point is you know your purpose.

-    Make a strategy
Sometimes people make a plan without a strategy to support it. If you want to make fried chicken sushi with Skippy peanut butter, you should know that the first thing to do is to cook the rice. How are you supposed to make sushi without rice? And to make it delicious, you have to choose between chunky peanut butter and creamy peanut butter. It’s all about strategy

-    Ask people for insights
It’s important to know whether your ideas and plans are logical or doable. If it’s doable, ask the experts about it. If you want to make fried chicken sushi with Skippy peanut butter, you need to ask the experts on Skippy peanut butter (I suggest Victoria Christa, by name"> Account Coordinator of Skippy Peanut Butter at Praxis). By sharing your ideas, people will help give you more brilliant insights for your plan.

Everyone likes to say that it takes a thousand attempts before we hit success. When we give birth to an idea, we risk failure or hit success. By accepting this rule we will have more insight into our dreams and ambitions as something that can be realized into real action. Just keep creating genius ideas and take the steps to put them into action.

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