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Bima Yudho, TikToker yang saat ini tinggal di Australia adalah salah satu dari 70 persen Gen Z yang belum puas dengan pembangunan infrastruktur daerah.
One key aspect of critical thinking is the ability to recognize logical fallacies, or errors in reasoning that can distort or undermine arguments. Learning about fallacies and how they work can help you become a more astute and discerning thinker, better equipped to assess information and make informed decisions.
Praxis mencermati kepuasan pelayanan publik pemerintah eksekutif dan legislatif serta pola konsumsi media untuk mendorong ekosistem demokrasi yang sehat melalui #PraxiSurvey yang didukung oleh PAFI
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Praxis is a public relations agency based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since it was established in 2011, Praxis has been assisting clients in constructing and executing communication ideas to build, maintain, or improve mutually beneficial relationship with the general public... While specializing in media engagement activities, Praxis also provides services such as strategic communication planning, brand positioning, media documents development, executive communication training, social media activation, communication research and media monitoring.

    An essential component of any business, the scale and depth might be different among organisations depending on the industry. The main objective would be to educate and advocacy. In short, Praxis has a dedicated, well connected team for government relations initiatives.
    Is the function responsible for effective communications among participants within an organization. How can we help? We plan, strategies and execute the above mentioned effective communications.
    Praxis will help you connect with the social media, establish meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship with your target audience. Praxis will also assist you in developing social networking strategies, monitoring online activities, and managing online reputation.
    One of Praxis’ specialties is organizing media engagements, such as press conferences, media briefings, seminars, talk shows, media visits, journalist classes and luncheons. All good ideas are not as good without a good execution.
    Praxis will provide media coverage monitoring, review, and trends. Furthermore, Praxis can also conduct media perception audit to measure how your company is doing or fare against competitors.
    Praxis will help with your overall communication strategy, communication plan, point of view sessions, and key messages development including in providing consultancy and strategies to develop, maintain and improve your reputation towards the public.
    Executives are the go-to-people internally within any company. Unfortunately, not seldom, the same executives do not have the ability, capacity, or the proper training to represent the company to speak to the media regarding issues related to the company. Accordingly, Praxis will tailor various communication modules to cater the training needs of the executives.
    Praxis will assist you in developing objectives, indicating your targets, clarifying your news values and news angles in ensuring your messages reach the appropriate targets via precise media channels.
    Praxis understands the importance of all external communication materials, such as press releases, fact sheets, backgrounders, and executives bios, that will be shared to the media. Thus, Praxis will be there with you every step of the way, from all the blank pages to the actual publication of the materials.

Our team strives to construct and execute comprehensive communication ideas designed based on your needs. Praxis' main strength is our intimate communication approach with hands-on leadership to achieve previously-set goals. Fueled by our great passion and stay-hungry attitude, combined with our extensive field experience, we are ready to assist you.

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