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Do Not be Limited, Be Limitless!

27 Nov 2017 | STORIES | 0 Comment
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Recently, I watched a movie titled Limitless. The most iconic character in the movie is Bradley Cooper’s character “Eddie”, a desperate writer who is limited by many things he ends up being hopeless and unemployed. Then, his dream comes true. His friend gives him a drug that produces enhanced mental acuity. He takes the drug that enables him to double his brain capacity. The pills help him realize his dreams, make the impossible become possible, make everything happen and he can even change the world. He can do it just by taking the magic pills.

Well, that sounds really amazing, right? But, again, there are moments when Eddie is limited by one thing: the pills run out. Bam! Gone is the magic, rendering him helpless.

Now let’s go back to reality. In fact, the pills may exist somewhere but we may not have access to them. So, how can we maximize ourselves to make things happen?

Actually, sometimes when we want to do something, the feeling of being limited and of being limitless simply surfaces. We are being limited because of the things we do not know yet and we are limitless because we feel like we know everything. It really happens to us, but it actually depends on how we build our mindset.

Being limited by something is not good for our mind growth because we will get stuck in one place and can go nowhere. All we need to do is to be very clear about our visions, our spirit, to realize things. Because, when we set boundaries and feel limited, we will never grow and develop ourselves.

Don’t get stuck, dude. If something goes wrong, just get over it. Do not limit life just because of a failure. To let go of the limited-thinking pattern, here are some things that we should do:

  • Never think “What if?”, “What will happen?”, “What if I fail?” This type of thinking is an obstacle that will kill your positivity and prevent you from seeing something big in life. So, please bear in mind that everything you want to do will bring success to your life. Do not be afraid, be brave, break your limit and go the extra mile.

  • Be More Spontaneous. There are moments when we have to be more aware of the beauty around us. Do not limit yourself, think positively and create new possibilities in your life. Be more spontaneous, don’t overthink or overanalyze anything as it is crippling. Have faith in yourself and trust that everything will work out all right.

  • Have a Break then Let Go of Control. Most limited thinking is controlled by our mistaken assumptions and expectations. We sometimes worry about and fear unknown results. We want to control everything, but we forget that we can’t have 100% control of things. Face it, take a break and let go of control. Just believe in yourself.

Being limitless does not mean that we have no boundaries in pursuing something, or that you can make everything happen. It enables us to see the positivity in everything; it drives us to reach the highest achievements in our life.


Written by: Niken Eka Putri
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