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Hey PR Students, Here are Four Reasons Why You Should Start Your Career as a Consultant

02 Sep 2020 | STORIES | 35 Comments
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"What do you want to do after you graduate?"

Besides doing my daily tasks as a consultant, I often interview PR students for our internship program at Praxis. One question that I always ask the interviewee is “What do you want to do after you graduate?” Most interviewees say that they want to work in a startup company, or in the banking industry, etc and join a PR firm just for an internship, which is fine. But, a few of them say that they want to work as a PR consultant. And that is my ‘Aha moment’ every time I’m doing these interviews. 

Why? Because that is exactly the moment when I would share with them the following reasons to explain why their decision is 100% correct! 

1. 'Jack of all trades'

Working as a PR consultant enables you to learn about many industries. Technology, FMCG, banking, sports, F&B, you name it. It enables you to understand the way those industries work, the regulations, even the culture. It is an opportunity that not everyone can have. At the end of the day, when you have spent enough time working as a PR consultant and decided to move to one of the industries, you would already have the invaluable working experience in that particular industry. 

2. Be a better you in everything

Writing is one of the most important skills that a PR person has to possess. We are being taught how to write concisely and compellingly. When a company - let’s say, want to launch a campaign or a new product, we need to write a press release to communicate what the company wants to say to the public, that’s where we need to convey that message clearly through writing. Not only writing skill, but public speaking, negotiation, or even interpersonal skill will also be enhanced while working as a PR consultant.

3. Network, network, network

Working as a PR consultant also gives you a very unique opportunity; How does talking directly to the CEO or Board of Directors of different companies sound to you?  Well, when you’re working as a public relations consultant, you craft messages that the company would like to convey to the public, and more often than not, the message is delivered by the company’s high ranking officers. Thus, you have a chance to brief these super important people on what talking points they should deliver to the public through a press conference, let’s say. Some of my friends are working in the banking industry, sometimes while we’re hanging out and having discussion, I happen to say - casually, “Oh, I just met the President Director yesterday.” Can you imagine how cool that is! Besides that, you are also able to connect with a lot of people, journalists, key opinion leaders, celebrities, even ministers! This is really something.

4. Door of opportunity

I lost count on how many job offers that I received without me even proactively applying for one. Related to the previous point about networking, after you hustle in the industry for some time, you know people and people know you, if such opportunities arise, they remember you. They will recommend you to fill certain positions that suit your qualifications. Not only job opportunity, but also international exposure; you will be able to attend so many international events, get connected with clients from other countries, and in case you are working at Praxis, you even get to go overseas on company outings, free of charge! LOL. 

Have I convinced you enough? 


Written by: Ayu Nurul Huda
Profil Ayu
  • Ayu Maharani
    | 02 Sep 2020

    Wow kakak Hebat! Trims ya kak aku jadi terpacu

  • Wiranata Jiwo
    | 02 Sep 2020

    Definitely convincing! I'd like to start to become one by actively writing about stuffs (NSFW).

  • Ahmad Rafli
    | 02 Sep 2020

    Really, I mean this really makes me more convinced to work as a PR Consultant!

  • Joses Karsten
    | 02 Sep 2020

    As a former intern at Praxis, I want to say this is so true and thank you Praxis!

  • Haniifah Rihhadatul'aisy
    | 02 Sep 2020

    What you wrote all are true! I still remember when you interviewed me as a prospective intern 1 year ago, and you said these. Now, I prove it all. I get many opportunities easily because I had previous internship experience at PR agency! Ahahaha I was just an intern, how if I become a true PR consultant then? Thousand opportunities might come! Sstt, in easy way of course. :p

  • Rayen
    | 02 Sep 2020

    A huge insight indeed! Thank you for this astonishing story!

  • Raisa
    | 02 Sep 2020

    100% TRUEE! I would recommend an undergraduate or fresh graduate to try and feel the experience of working at PR Consultant/Agency. :DD

  • William Christophorus
    | 02 Sep 2020

    This is a very convincing story! Everything written here is what I got from my internship period at Praxis

  • Ias Dirga
    | 02 Sep 2020

    It's true! I got many knowledge about Public Relations since i had my internship at Praxis and i knew that i was made the right decision. Thank you Praxis!

  • Fajri Ramadhani
    | 02 Sep 2020

    Well-written! Also, as a former Intern at Praxis, id like to say that its so accurate! Thank you for sharing this insightful story!

  • hana
    | 02 Sep 2020

    Internship at PR Consultant taught me a lot of things and I agree with the article by Ka Ayu!

  • Priyo Utomo
    | 03 Sep 2020

    Absolutely! Being PR Consultant is a good start if you want to be expert as Communication person! Thanks for sharing..

  • Galeb
    | 03 Sep 2020

    Menarik, terima kasih kak Ayu sudah berbagi.

  • Atika Wulandari
    | 03 Sep 2020

    Jadi rindu dunia per-PR-an. Terima kasih atas artikelnya, Kak Ayu!

  • Bela
    | 03 Sep 2020

    All the following reasons that ka Ayu have shared is 1000000% true! It was very awesome to become an intern in PR Agency, many experiences and knowledge that has been taught. Yes, sometimes it’s very hard to enjoy because soooo many tasks :p but I always believe Result is never betray the process! I’m blessed that my paths crossed with Praxis-ers.

  • Tarida
    | 04 Sep 2020

    Really inspiring ayu! Happy to work with you..

  • Maria Steffany
    | 04 Sep 2020

    As a former intern at Praxis, I couldn't agree more! I don't know what would I do now without a formal experience in a PR Consultant company. It's such a pleasure to be able to learn continuously about various business, and trained to be an accountable person both personally & professionally. This article is very insightful and I hope through this Kak Ayu may inspires the next PR generation :)

  • Vinda Karuna Mudita
    | 04 Sep 2020

    Couldn’t agree more! Starting your career journey as PR consultant is like setting up a solid foundation for your career life. Nice article Ayu! For those who want to learn a ton of PR things, I highly recommend Praxis to join in!

  • Alvina Dumantika
    | 04 Sep 2020

    It's true! Pekerjaan yang tidak santai tapi fun.. Dunia kerja yang ngangenin :)

  • Annisa Fauzia
    | 04 Sep 2020

    As a professional PR myself, I found Ayu's writing is very interesting and quite easy to digest and apply to those who wants to pursue public relations as a career. It is every PR practitioner's duty to ensure people understand the value that PR can add. Keep up the good work!

  • senna
    | 04 Sep 2020

    Excellent, thank you for sharing this!!!

  • Sandro
    | 04 Sep 2020

    Inspiring. Networking is a must. I'm content :)

  • Veronika
    | 04 Sep 2020

    I don't need to say more because it's very true. You will meet a lot of people and you gain more knowledge. Once you have both network and skill, you're going places. Good luck!

  • Aditya Rizky
    | 04 Sep 2020

    It's a hundred percent correct! As a "Praxis Graduate", the time spent in this organization was the best moment to finding myself and tuned in into one of the most fast growing communication industry. Praxis is a full rounded arena to learn those skills as mentioned above. No debate.

  • Joanne
    | 04 Sep 2020

    This article tells a lot about a life as a PR Consultant! These are some of reasons why I really want to be a PR Consultant, and yes, working as one will give us invaluable experiences. Thanks for sharing kak Ayu!

  • Ghina
    | 04 Sep 2020

    So inspiring???? thank you for sharing your experience, kak ayu!

  • Lia Zuraidah Hasibua
    | 05 Sep 2020

    Thank you, kak Ayu for sharing! As an ex PR Internship, i got a lot of stuff. Praxis will be missed of course!

  • Dian
    | 05 Sep 2020

    It's so inspiring! Thank you for sharing, kak Ayu! ❤

  • Murwantify
    | 05 Sep 2020

    100% Accurate! I'm a proud ex intern. Thank you for sharing kak ayu. Otw kirim cv????

  • Nadirah
    | 06 Sep 2020

    Jack of all trades! That’s it! If you’re looking for an unforgettable learning experience, then Praxis is the best place to work at. ????

  • Rere
    | 08 Sep 2020

    WHOA! what an insightful and nice article kak Ayu! i personally couldn't agree more and 1000% accurate for me as a former intern at Praxis that brought to me A LOT of lessons, gained sooo much knowledges, gained soo many things and networking & connection skills, fun experiences, various and unique challenges that really unforgettable! Praxis has successfully made me in love with public relations' world and pushin' me to seeking for more! Thanks kak Ayu for sharing, please don't stop inspire peo

  • Robert
    | 08 Sep 2020

    Cool! This is brutally true... great article

  • Gea
    | 10 Sep 2020

    Well elaborated Ayu! Thanks for sharing and keep thriving :)

  • Gloria
    | 10 Sep 2020

    A must read if you’re a PR student or thinking of having a career in PR. I remember my interview at Praxis years ago, I said the exact same thing! Having previously interned at Praxis was a really good start for me to experience everything I need to know about the world I was about to enter. Thank you for the article, kak Ayu!

  • Christopher Antoni
    | 24 Sep 2020

    A very Insightful article. Absolutely agree with this piece.

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