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The Benefits of Doing Virtual Media Events for Brands During New Normal Era

13 Sep 2020 | STORIES | 0 Comment
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As the most credible news source, conventional media like newspapers, online media, tv or radio, hold a very important role for brands to deliver their messages into society. We need to remember that traditional media has a much longer relationship with the consumer due to decades of communicating with the masses. In PR, we work very hard to build relationships between brands with the journalists and media  through various media engagements such as media luncheon, media visit, media gathering and also tea or coffee time with them.  However, the pandemic has brought with it unprecedented losses and challenges for every brand.

During these times after the COVID-19 pandemic, brands were forced to cancel every event launch or engagements with media and consumers which required face-to-face meetings. Time of crisis brought with it opportunity that comes with the rise of virtual alternatives. Due to uncertain times it can be difficult to arrange face-to-face meetings which is why we must be prepared to adapt ourselves with virtual events. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits below:

1. Stay connected

Virtual interviews will allow you to connect with the media all over the world which means that you will no longer be bound by the geographical location. With journalists only a zoom call away, you  have the capacity to reach them even in other countries and increase your presence in a potential new market. Through this way, we can reach more audiences with more efficient time for sure.

2. Maintain the good relationship

Media relations bring third party endorsements that are useful in establishing reputation for what you are trying to sell to the public. Virtual interviews allow you to stay in constant touch with the media especially during unstable circumstances which will further help in building a stronger relationship with them. In addition, In today’s world, nothing is predictable. While traveling is still not considered safe in many countries, one can always use online platforms to connect with the media and thank them for their dedication during recent tough times. It will show that you care and are interested in their well-being.

3. Better convey the message virtually

As we may know, it is very important for a brand and especially the spokesperson such as the CEO, to repeat the key messages of the brand over and over again. The perks of doing media events virtually is that we can easily manage the flow of the talk show or the Q&A session. We can even put a cue card for the spokespersons so they can peek on it during the presentation or talk show session. In addition, by doing it virtually, we also have the ability to avoid unnecessary questions which is crucial during the session.

In this new normal era, brands need to stay connected with the media in order to provide clear, concise and newsworthy information related to the brands’ initiative to the media. By keeping providing media with a timely and interesting story and content to your brand, you will support your brand and position in the market.

Written by: Niken Eka Putri
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