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Beauty and Fashion in The Perspective of PR

23 Sep 2020 | STORIES | 3 Comments
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As a young woman who’s in her early 20s, I have a lot of interest in the magic world of beauty and fashion. I worked in the industry before I dive into the PR realm. For the past decade, the beauty and fashion market have changed a lot, in terms of the products and even how the brand markets them. Since now I’m working in the PR industry, I wonder how beauty and fashion industries are marketed in the eyes of Public Relations.

Grab The Attention of Fashion Editors

This usually happens before a new clothing line comes out or during the hustle of Fashion Week. Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event that is held every year and where you can find the most fashion editors, models, and fashion enthusiasts in general. Usually, before the shows, PR people will contact media and fashion editors to come to the show as well as distribute the press releases. Quoted from Uhuru Network, press releases are being submitted to digital platforms as well since many fashion blogs and magazines maintain readership as high as the biggest names on print.

Beauty Journalist Gets to Try the Products

As a journalist for the beauty industry, you get to – or perhaps need to – try out the products in order to produce articles that sell. Not only the journalist but the PR people themselves trying out the products is also a necessity in order to truly experience it. Besides, you could also write articles or press releases that are more relevant because you know the products deliver on their promises.

The Importance of Social Media Influencers

The trend of endorsing social media via influencers has gotten so prominent right now that the influencers are sometimes more popular than mainstream celebrities. A PR company usually sends out a “PR Box” where there will be the products in hopes that the influencers will talk about the products on their channels (Instagram, YouTube, and blog). Sometimes in the box, they provide a press release too for the influencers to make more content for their videos or posts. 

As mentioned in Beauty by The Six, Tarte Cosmetics took Desi Perkins and other YouTube beauty gurus to Bora-Bora for their PR Trip to promote their newly launched products. The influencers then make a “vlog” throughout the trip. In the video, they would mostly be thanking the company for sending them on the trip while reviewing the newly launched products.

Work With Models and Influential People in Fashion

If the beauty industry needs beauty gurus and vloggers to send PR boxes to, PR in fashion needs celebrities, models, and even designers. When a celebrity wears a certain piece, the public might find out about it and want it. This happens a lot to popular models, such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi, and Bella Hadid. In Indonesia, there are plenty of fashion bloggers and influencers that you can reach out to get the items of clothing in their hands, like Sonia Eryka, Olivia Lazuardy, and many more. Not only reviewing the clothing but they often create content on their platforms for their followers to engage and know more about the brands.

Building Good Publicity

The printed or online media, who’s reviewing the products is a powerful way to draw awareness to the brand, especially the beauty community is now very varied and strong. Hence, when you send out those products to journalists or influencers, you need to capture their attention and make sure they give out good publicity to maintain trust from customers and your client. 

After a few reads and observing brands, I could now say that product launches and announcements have become essential and creative with the help from the journalists, beauty, and fashion influencers, as well as influential people in both industries. With beauty and fashion gaining attention in the world of social media, these influencers could definitely help PR people to create buzz on their channels. It’s interesting to see how one’s opinions could change the views of others by giving simple reviews of the products! Now, do you have any other ideas on how PR works in the beauty and fashion industry?

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  • Aly
    | 24 Oct 2020

    Whoa! What a good insight!

    | 09 Nov 2020


  • Beatrice Kezia
    | 17 Jan 2021

    As a person who works in fashion industry, I find a good insight from this article!

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