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Hey Fresh Graduates: Here is why you need to start stalking

30 Sep 2020 | STORIES | 0 Comment
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Let’s be honest, searching for a job sometimes is tiring, and to a certain degree, stressful. We need to hunt down job openings, apply to many organizations, go for numerous interviews and yet the hiring manager of the “this-is-it” company doesn’t seem to give a call. While waiting for the right company, we sometimes have to stir in different directions and end up landing on an unattractive or not so suitable job. However, there are better and effective ways to take you one step closer to the job you are passionate about, here are some tips.

1. Never underestimate the power of research 

Although you are very into one company, never skip your homework in assessing the work culture of your dream company. Never be an “I know it all guy”! Search and follow the organizations where you aspire to work in. Thus, you will get a sense of the background, vision, and culture of the company. With that, you will get a bigger picture of what the company is seeking from job candidates. Sometimes, this can also work as a mirror for you, to check if you will be able to adapt well and survive at that company as your dream company isn’t always a suitable company for you 

2. Get to know the insiders 

Again, get a sense of the culture by knowing the background and interests of people who work at your “dream company”. Before you simply apply for that job posting online and call it a day, hop over to LinkedIn and do a quick search on the company’s name. Get on their radar. It’s always a good way to stay informed about the company’s activities or even who’s getting hired or leaving. 

You can also take it further by dropping some lines just to get to know them and the company they are working in. Yes, yes, networking! Who knows they will direct you to the hiring manager (even when there is no info of job openings) and get you to land your dream job! 

3. Bring value to your dream job 

While in waiting, there are probably networking events, but also classes or talks that can inspire you and get to know the industry you like. Let yourself register in those classes now. Who knows that those events might bring you into contact with people who are working at your dream company or might connect you to the right person. Thus, when the invitation for the interview comes in you will be able to bring something to the table. 

Last note, although you’ve done your best with your homework but still don’t get to the place you want to be. Just be patient. Never give up. Because everything happens for a reason and the best is yet to come. Good luck!



Photo source: Anna Shvets, Pexels.com

Written by: Irene Subrata
Anak kemarin sore yang sedang belajar menulis.
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