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Learning at Praxis: Consultants to do besides daily job

15 Jan 2021 | STORIES | 0 Comment
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There are several essential factors that we need to consider when we’re seeking a job. The three most important factors are salary/benefit, learning opportunities, and network. This article will further discuss learning opportunities in a workplace, including my learning experiences at Praxis. 


An ideal workplace will offer you a ton of learning experiences. This will enable you to develop your personal skills which are useful to grow your future career. At Praxis, every consultant has several responsibilities besides our daily work routines. What are those? Let’s get to it.


  1. Media relations

As a PR consultant, it is obvious that we must have a good relationship with the media. At Praxis, it is our responsibility to meet new or existing journalist friends in regular time. We acknowledge that the foundation of our business is media relations, thus we need to have extensive knowledge about media in Indonesia. PR consultants and journalists have mutually beneficial relationships where the two sides share insights about particular industries. The generated enlightenment will benefit PR consultants whenever we need to give advice to clients, while for journalists they can also use it as a source to write articles.


  1. Read lots of books

Here at Praxis, we believe that books enable us to expand our knowledge and provide us new insights. It gets even more exciting when we share the understanding from a particular book that we read through a blog article or sharing session format. You may notice if you are reading Praxis blog articles, there are several articles which actually inform you about book insights. For instance These Five Books Have Helped Me, Perhaps You Might Need It Too by Vania, or What Can We Learn from Stephen Covey about Being More Effective by Ayu. At the same time, books can also enrich our vocabulary. If we’re reading books regularly, we can feel that our vocabulary is richer when we talk or write more fluently. 


  1. Write blog articles

One of the basic skills for PR consultants is writing skill. It applies in almost every job specification, including press releases, talking points, briefing notes, pitch documents, media invitations, and many others. At Praxis, besides the usual writing documents, we are also responsible to write a designated amount of articles which discuss interesting topics around current trends, communication tips & tricks, personal interest, etc. Make sure to add https://praxis.co.id/stories/ to your bookmark to read fresh new articles everyday.


  1. Sharing session

Praxis has sharing sessions which are scheduled regularly. Every consultant is free to choose a topic that we find interesting and is relevant to our work. After we share the topic, we usually open a Q&A session where we discuss interesting findings from the presentation. This is the perfect time to exercise our presentation skills and critical thinking which are essential in every aspect that we do. 


  1. Networking

At Praxis, we believe that networking is one of the most important skills for PR consultants. The greater network we have the greater opportunities that we can get. Praxis facilitates every consultant to attend networking events where we can meet a whole bunch of professionals. It’s not only beneficial to enrich our contact, it is also useful to pitch your personal or business. Remember, you are building a good network, when you are able to give something back.


At the end, we also need to report all of the mentioned responsibilities in our annual review session. It might seem stressful to execute everything at the same time, however if we see far further we know that it will bring benefit not only to our office, but also for our own goodness, especially for our future career profile. As one of the consultants at Praxis, I feel blessed to have a positive working environment that really cares for my personal development. How about you? Does personal development matter to your career considerations? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Written by: Agnes Maharani
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