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Before the pandemic, how did Praxisionaire have fun?

01 Feb 2021 | STORIES | 0 Comment
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Praxis’ Gift Exchange, January 2020

Due to large-scale social restrictions (PSBB), we are not able to do several things we did, and staying at home has become a part of our daily routine, which makes us longing for our old golden days. Even though we can’t yet do what we used to do, we can always reminisce about the good times. Before the pandemic, there have been many unforgettable moments at Praxis over the years. Let’s take a look at some of them below!

1. Friday is Senoparty Day

Located on Senopati Street and close to Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD), Praxis’ office is surrounded by many hot places where countless events and parties were hosted. Since workers surrounding Jakarta just naturally met up in the area, it is known as “Senoparty”.

Definitely, Friday was the peak. It was the perfect time for workers to end the hectic workday by having fun. It wasn’t new if pedestrians could arrive faster to their destinations than those who drove their cars. Having a similar mindset, Praxisionaire also had an unwritten rule of hanging out together on Friday. Visiting restaurants with live music was one of our favorites. Find out about the places we often visit in one of Tya’s articles!

Hana’s Farewell, August 2020

P.S. I just realized that we didn’t take any proper pictures that I can show. So, I picked the photo illustration above that was taken during one of our Interns, Hana’s farewell at Cutt & Grill. It was the first time we spent quality time together after the first PSBB ended. What a great time!

2. Meet journalists, meet foods

As we know, PR practitioners are working closely with journalists. One of the most worth expecting moments when meeting the journalists is savoring the food! To show our appreciation for the journalists for attending our events and giving us valuable insights, providing heartwarming food is a must. In other words, being a gourmet leads you closer to being a good PR practitioner!

For Praxisionaire, one of the events we will never forget is the Unplugged Alive After 5 with Praxis (UAA5WPraxis) at Young Dabang, as it was our last media gathering before the pandemic. Come to think of it, we were so lucky to have managed the event right before PSBB. Together with journalists and our clients, it was a well-spent night with fun games and a lit live music session. See the excitement on Praxisionaire’s “UAA5WPraxis” story highlight!

UAA5WPraxis, February 2020

3. Overseas outing

Praxis' Outing, September 2018

Praxis has a biennial overseas outing organized for Praxisionaire. After visiting Thailand in 2016, Praxisionaire chose South Korea as the destination of Praxis' Outing in 2018 as captured above. If you are wondering why I put the picture of the trip in 2018, yup, we did have a plan to conduct the trip in 2020 until it was postponed and left in uncertainty, unfortunately. Wishing we can execute the plan soon and safely, of course!

Since I joined Praxis near the trip departure time, I couldn’t join the trip. So it wasn’t me taking the picture, but I wasn’t present. Did I think it’s a shame that I couldn’t join the trip? Honestly, nope. The reason is that, at that time, it was quite challenging for me to get used to the tasks, which made me focused too much on my work and didn't get along well with others.

Besides Praxis' Outing, it was the time when our office was under renovation. Therefore, new Praxisionaire and interns, including Toni, Mur, Rere, Silvi, and me, were working in one meeting room. Spending time together within a close distance really helped me to catch up and adapt to the new surroundings. Such a people person, indeed!

The moments are surely missed by Praxisionaire as well as journalists and clients. However, we have to remember that not only do we need to stay healthy in the current situation, but it’s also necessary to keep positive and optimistic about the future. As stated by Jim Morrison, “The future is uncertain but the end is always near.”

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