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Menstrual Cycle Tracking: How does it benefit our body and mind?

24 Feb 2021 | STORIES | 0 Comment
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Image source: Garmin.com

According to the study conducted by a research team from Stanford University and Microsoft Research New England, US, menstrual cycles are a key driver of women’s moods, and often had a greater effect compared to the daily, weekly, and seasonal cycles. Hence, knowing how our body changes during each phase of our cycles is essential as we can learn how to manage our body, which improves our emotional and physical well-being. 

Nowadays, there are many ways to do so, one of them is by using a Menstrual Cycle Tracking feature in Garmin Connect. Connecting users’ menstrual cycles with changes in other recorded data, such as sleep, stress, activities, and more, the Menstrual Cycle Tracking feature has benefited users in solving their problems and reaching their goals. Curious enough? Let’s see the advantages of using the feature based on Garmin users’ stories below!

1. Aware of our health

Image source: Garmin.com

Yoga Instructor Nicole Calhoun mentioned that the Menstrual Cycle Tracking feature helped her notice an issue with her periods that were getting heavier. After several months of very heavy periods, Nicole decided to see her gynecologist and found out that she had fibroids, benign muscular tumors of the uterus that can wreak havoc and cause a host of symptoms in women. 

Upon hearing her condition, she started to pay close attention to her upcoming periods with the help of the Menstrual Cycle Tracking feature. The app sent several notifications that allowed her to accurately track her symptoms and relay the information to her physician, including knowing the start date of her period. By doing so, she could emotionally prepare for its intensity and try to offset some of the bleedings with the medication.

“After several months of trying to control my condition with medication, we determined that my situation needed surgical intervention. I’m happy to say that the surgical procedure worked. My periods are now back to normal, and I couldn’t be happier!” Nicole said.

2. Better understand our body

Image source: Garmin.com

As an Olympic runner, Alexi Pappas thought it was quite challenging to complete workouts during her period. In fact, not all coaches or athletic programs are set up to guide a female athlete to the understanding of her body over her fitness. However, things changed after she was introduced to the Menstrual Cycle Tracking feature. The feature can fill in some of the gaps that exist in current female athletic programs. 

Through the feature, she found out that her period goes beyond health and impacts her performance. Since she started using the feature, she can understand her body better and therefore optimize her training. She believes the feature allows all athletes to have a teammate as they grow and find a path toward their goals.

“For a young athlete, and really for any athlete, this element of our life—the period—is not separate, but very linked to our longevity in the sport,” Alexi said.

3. Anticipate hormone fluctuations

Image source: Garmin.com

Jessica Hofheimer is a 43-year-old mom with a passion for running. Managed to give birth to three children, Jessica realizes that her body is changing and menopause is approaching. Before it happens, Jessica wishes to give herself the best chance of performing as best as she can as she ages, instead of feeling blindsided or helpless when they occur.

Eager to learn more about her hormone fluctuations and how it impacts her ability to perform in workouts, Jessica began to use the Menstrual Cycle Tracking feature. The feature informs and connects her training with other aspects of her health such as sleep, appetite, and energy levels. She loves the fact of getting new information about her symptoms and keeping track of her cycles right at her fingertips, putting her mind at ease. 

“Hormone fluctuations are sometimes so hard to understand and deal with. But as I see the rhythm and trends and know what to expect, I realize it’s healthy and normal to feel the way I do, when I do. It has helped me relax and be more at ease with my choices regarding how I move and nourish my body,” Jessica said.

Besides the stories above, do you have other interesting stories that you can share? If so, please do in the comment section below!

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