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3 Websites that Can Help You to Know PR Better!

06 Jul 2021 | STORIES | 0 Comment
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As a fresh graduate, many are expecting you to constantly learn the ropes to do well in your career especially in the public relations industry. Public relations is all about establishing beneficial relationships between an organisation and its public. Have you ever heard about what PR agencies usually do? They are all about influence, inspire, and create change in today’s dynamic society. 


However, fresh graduates might have many confusion and challenges when they first land into a very fast paced environment. The PR industry could be an exciting industry to work in if you are willing to learn new things on a daily basis. However, you should be aware that it won’t be easy to survive in this fast-paced industry. 


To be well prepared for the battle, it is important to know that writing and reading are two activities that have tremendous impact to help every fresh graduate who is passionate to work in the public relations field. As public relations practitioners, our main responsibility is to write press releases. Therefore, reading through various news portals and insightful websites will definitely help you to discover different types of sentence structures and expansion in vocabulary. Together with writing practices, will help you to construct your writing even more interesting with lesser mistakes. Not only that, reading through insightful websites can be one of the best ways to find inspiration when it comes to constructing a communication plan. 


Therefore, here are 3 websites that can help you ease your concern and  to raise the bar in your communication career!


Many might wonder what it takes to create a good press release that journalists are willing to write on their news portal? As a new employee in a PR agency, creating an effective press release might be one of the challenges you will face. PR Say (PRSA), known as The Voice of Public Relations, is a website that provides useful advice to help improve job skills and stay competitive in the public relations industry. Two of the recommended articles to read in order to overcome the problem are: “What Journalists Want: How To Write Better Press Releases” and “Finding the Inspiration to Pitch”


A journalist has a vital role to play in order to disseminate the message to the masses. In order for PR professionals to gain necessary coverage for the brand they represent, it is important to maintain and build good relationships with journalists. Thus, the second recommended website to read is PR Daily, which has a very great article on how to grow your relations with one another which is 4 Ways to Maintain Your Media Relations Skills” . Not only regarding this matter, PR Daily also offers bunches of information regarding how to overcome media relations matters, crisis issues, marketing strategies, and also writing and editing skills!


Another concern arises for every PR professional when it comes to an endless pitching session with the executive boards as sometimes they might run out of PR strategies to answer the needs from clients. In that case, you are urged to be prepared with many case studies to read as they show the scope of work that was completed for a specific client and definitely will provide information for future communications plans that might have similar elements with the case studies. Public Relations Today is a free access website and it feels like entering a library full of case studies related to the public relations industry which is suitable for you to dive right into it!


It is best to know your working environment and to make sure that you have read all information regarding the public relations related tips and tricks. In addition, you can also read Praxis Website that offers many insightful articles regarding the industry in Indonesia which is specially written by each of every consultant and interns in Praxis. Goodluck in your job searching and I hope this article will help to elevate your skill!

Written by Stella Mariss, Interns

Written by: admin
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