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Praxis Outing 2022 Recap: #PraxisPergiPiknik

24 Oct 2022 | STORIES | 0 Comment
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In this fast-paced business environment and stressed workplaces, employees are required to perform optimally with strict deadlines. Everyday work-related stress can cause employees to feel burned out. In other words, it is important to find time for everyone to get out of the office and let loose sometime during strict working hours and time limits.

Activities like outdoor recreation or even just walking are great ways for employees to break out of the confines of the office and channel their energy into something else. Additionally, these activities can also create stronger bonds with the other employees!

This August, Praxisionaire went to Bali for a 7-day outing which was the first company outing since the pandemic! Conveying #PraxisPergiPiknik as the main theme of the company outing, the Praxisionaires got the chance to do exciting activities such as rafting, practicing yoga, attending table manners class, experiencing fine dining, playing water sports, watching the traditional Kecak dance, and so much more, to unwind from the hectic agency life for a while! 

It was indeed an unforgettable time. We enjoyed each activity, whether it was an adventurous or leisurely one. The whole week helped us recharge our energies and made us more engaged with each other, leading us to going home with tan lines and happy memories to remember in the hustle and bustle of our day to day activities. 

To witness more of our 7-day outing filled with fun and refeeshing activities, check out our instagram @praxisionaire !

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