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27 May 2016 | STORIES | 0 Comment
Title News

Do you remember how difficult, how inconvenience, and how painful it was to find journalists' contact information? How about trying to keep up with their career moves? That was no walk in the park either. Luckily, today's PR professionals in Indonesia or Asia have Telum Media that kindly collects and keep tracks of journalists contact information and their movement within or even beyond the industry. Never heard of them? Click here to learn more about Telum Media. 

Anyhow, not too long ago, we were approached by the good people of Telum and was asked if we would like to be featured on its newsletter. "So they are offering us, Praxis, to do a Q&A session, which will be featured in a newsletter that will be circulated around Southeast Asia?!" I asked Steph, our Senior Consultant, who was first contacted by Telum, to make sure that she was NOT under the influence of any hallucinogenic substance when she was supposedly "talking" to Telum. This is how I reacted right after Steph confirmed that this Q&A is for real, "BYAAAAAAA!!!......BYAAAAAA!!!!.......BYAAAAA!!!!" Don't remember the Dean? Allow me to jog your memory. Click here. Or here. I think "BYA" is like Howard Dean's version of "YEEEHAA," but weird. Anyhow, I used Dean's " BYA" to express my excitement. 

Long story short, I completed the Q&A, and it was featured on Telum's April 28th news alert. And below is the a screenshot of it. So, please read along if you want to learn more about Praxis and my general view about the PR industry. 

Written by: Mercy Tahitoe
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