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Dear future influencers …

10 Nov 2020 | STORIES | 0 Comment
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The rise of social media brings a significant impact on how we, as PR practitioners, disseminate our client’s messages, and how the general public consume those messages. According to early 2020 data from We Are Social, Indonesians spend seven plus hours on the internet everyday. Another report suggests 4 out of the top 10 most visited websites in Indonesia are social media websites. 

As the number of content-consuming social media users in Indonesia rises, so does the number of content creators or influencers who are racking up hundreds of thousands of new social media followers on a daily basis. Since influencers have the power to convey and amplify messages to their followers who could also happen to be our target audience, it is only natural that today’s PR practitioners are required to have good working relationships with these influencers. 

Over the past few year, I have spent an extended amount of time representing clients to liaise with influencers from various backgrounds: fashion, tech, travel, beauty, etc. And the more I interact with them, the more I understand how certain influencers are able to separate themselves from others to gain the trust and respect from clients. 

Below are a few pointers that I have picked up from my discussions with a couple of established influencers in their respective to help those of you, who are on already on the verge of becoming influencers, to stand out in the eyes of brands and their respective agencies:


1.The brief

One of the most important elements of campaign collaboration is the brief. It basically contains the overall information that influencers need to know about the campaign. Therefore, it is really important for influencers to read every little detail of the campaign brief in order for them to deliver the right content effectively.

Travel blogger, Kadek Arini says “Campaign brief is very crucial, it needs to be really clear. Before I start to create the content, I need to know what kind of content that the brand expects, a hard sell or soft sell content.” Hence, influencers really need to understand about the brief and ask beforehand if there’s anything unclear. “A clear campaign brief is also needed to avoid any miscommunication and unnecessary revision,” she added. 


2. The timeline

Timeline that the brand has set is actually not only a date, it’s a strategic schedule which will help the brand in reaching its campaign goal. That’s why influencers really need to pay attention to the given timeline, it’s always better to submit the content before the deadline.

To anticipate any delay, influencers can also set a timeline when they need to receive the brief and have enough time to prepare the content. “I usually ask the brand or agency to share the brief maximum four days before the posting schedule,” said Kadek.


3. The selection

At the end of the day, the priority is always about the content. It’s not wise to sacrifice it by posting too many endorsements. Therefore, it’s always better to accept a project that you really have interest in, rather than to work on a project halfheartedly.

Gadget and sneakers reviewer, Aditya Wasa said, “I’m very selective when it comes to brand collaborations. Before I accept the project, I need to make sure that the product is original, also to find out the benefits that the product offers.” Always remember that influencers carry responsibility to always give an honest recommendation to their followers.


Hopefully, the mentioned pointers can help you better understand how the typical collaboration between PR consultants and influencers work. It’s easier for the brand to trust you to promote its campaign when you can establish an enjoyable relationship and smooth coordination with the brands.


Written by: Agnes Maharani
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