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Personal development is one of the important aspects that I wish I can get in my job. I am blessed that my job at Praxis enables me to grow my skill through a series of activities that I need to do besides my daily job. This article will explain you on how Praxis really cares for my personal development.
“Have you sent the release to the media? Make sure to emphasize the embargo date and use the updated boilerplate below the press release when you send it. Once the coverage comes through our media monitoring, please provide the media AVE,” requested the client. What on earth she's talking about?
Ever wonder how it feels like working in a startup, just like in the K-Drama 'Start-Up'? No need to wonder no more! Find out their working cultures and terms to get to know the company better here!
Do you have a list of new year's resolutions? But are you still struggling to organise the day to achieve those goals? Well, this story might be for you.