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A Podcast A Day, Chase the Anxiety Away!

15 Feb 2022 | STORIES | 0 Comment
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A podcast series provides a wide range of topic discussion which offers something that can fulfill the audiences’ specific need, whether it is the need to be entertained, to fulfill our curiosity towards certain information, or to keep up with the latest news. Research also has shown that people will seek media as a distraction from their mood. As a result, the trend of podcasts has been on the rise for the last decade.

Reflecting on the current situation of pandemic which requires us to stay home in order to flatten down the positive cases of COVID-19, the audiences can consider podcasts as their sources of entertainment where they can have the sensation of being in the middle of conversation with the hosts. Therefore, here are a few recommendations of podcasts which I hope can accompany you throughout your day! 

  1. The Self Love Fix by Beatrice 

Curated by Beatrice Kamau, this series of podcasts is dedicated to help individuals into self-love, self-worth, personal development, self esteem and self care. The series discusses how to understand what is categorized as self-love and what it is not. In addition, through this podcast, Beatrice usually shares her personal experiences and yet discusses her perspectives towards the book that she recommends the audience to read. 

  1. Modern Love by The New York Times 

It is an American romantic comedy series, which explores complicated love lives based on real events through conversation and story in New York City. This series is also available to watch on Amazon Prime Video! Through this series, the audiences can have more perspective towards the idea of modern love and probably can be the source of your reflection too if you might have faced a similar situation. 


  1. Suara Puan by Kata Puan

An Indonesian podcast series that explores the meaning of life through real-life stories. Suara Puan combines writing, narration and sound effects to ensure the audiences can sense an emotional experience. The opening of the series started with calming music and is presented in such a reassuring vocalization by the host. Suara Puan is perfect to accompany your rest time or even before bed!

  1. PODKESMAS (Podcast Kesehatan Masyarakat)

Last but not least, for those who enjoy the comedy genre, this is a must-listen podcast! Hosted by 5 outstanding Indonesian comedians (Imam Darto, Ananda Omesh, Surya Insomnia, and Angga Ngok), they succeeded in turning common topics into jokes that everyone can relate to. This is a perfect podcast for you to tune in when you need a distraction after your hectic day!


I have just started tuning into podcasts ever since the pandemic which led to the regulation of work from home policy. Through the series, I found the reassurance and feeling of accompaniment that I need. And also, if you are interested in knowing more about podcasts that reveal about the PR industry, feel free to read this! 


In a nutshell, podcasts is a platform that offers many benefits to the audience. Moreover, it is free to access via Apple Music and Spotify! So what is your favourite from all four podcasts that I’ve recommended so far? Tell me down below!


Written by: Stella Mariss
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